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Did you know … SeeReal’s publication in Applied Optics was selected as a „Spotlight on Optics“ by OSA in May 2017

SeeReal recently published an article in Applied Optics titled „Large real-time holographic 3D displays: enabling components and results“. This publication was now selected as a „Spotlight on Optics“ by the OSA in May 2017. The „Spotlight on Optics“ is a highlighted article that was nominated by editors from various OSA journals .

The article presents the progress of SeeReal’s solution to real-time holography. The concept and components of a real-time holographic 3D display with 14″ active area are described, e.g. laser sources, spatial light modulator and holographic optical elements for beam shaping. The requirements on these components are discussed. Finally, photographs of a holographically reconstructed 3D scene are shown.

Further reading on osapublishing.org: