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Real holographic 3D... like being there

Comfortable and natural eye focus at proper depth

Depth of focus and image blur as in real life

True eye focus at any depthNatural 3D viewing

Eye accommodation (AKA eye focus) is not fixated on the physical display as in pure Stereoscopic 3D displays.

Image content of any kind is properly placed in space by real holograms – and crisply sharp at any depth.

No difference to natural viewing for the human visual system – same depth cues provided.

Immerse, interact and be amazed

Experience the horizon where it belongs – at the horizon

Expect virtual objects or „holographic reconstructions“ of real things anywhere in 3D space. There is no 3D depth limit.

A holographic 3D display becomes your window to the world as you know it – or want it to be.

Real holographic reconstruction places objects where they belong in the real world, not near a display screen.

Gaze through glass or clouds
and feel your eyes refocus

Motion parallax, even in still frames –
because 3D objects are positioned in real space

Look around objects or maintain stationary perspectives? You decide.

Even „stereo-handicapped“ viewers can see holographic 3D, as they can see 3D in real life.

People see the world in 3D with both eyes or even with one eye closed – believe us, occluded information does exist …

Scalable holographic 3D

High-end desktop gaming, medical imaging, automotive night vision… Your choice — Holographic 3D based on direct view or projection technology


Supports AR holographic projection

Project holographic 3D (H3D) into space using tailored micro displays for HMD and HUD applications.

Existing technology

Existing flat panel display component solutions adapted to holographic 3D specifications.


Direct view H3D platforms scaled up for desktop or TV, scaled down for mobile use.

Choose your application

Desktop, TV, Mobile, Head-mounted

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