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SeeReal @ Conference Digital Optical Technologies, Munich, 25 – 29 June 2017

The conference is focused on components, systems design and applications of emerging digital optical technologies. Interesting presentations on highly topical technologies will be given, amongst others on holography, 3D displays and head-mounted displays. The well-reputed trade show Laser – World of Photonics runs in parallel.

SeeReal will present selected aspects of their progress and achievements in real-time holography in an invited presentation on Tuesday 27 June at 1:40 PM, titled „Large holographic 3D display for real-time computer-generated holography“. After a review of SeeReal’s concept of tracked Viewing Windows and Sub-Hologram encoding, several approaches for amplitude and phase modulation of light will be compared. The use of volume holograms for light shaping and the required laser sources will be discussed. Selected photographs of high-quality 3D scenes on a 14″ real-time holographic display representative for the discussed technology aspects will be shown.