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SeeReal @ Display Summit 2017

SeeReal will participate in Display Summit 2017, STERLING, Virginia, October 4-5

„The expanded focus is best described as Immersive Displays,“ noted Chris Chinnock, founder of Insight Media.  „That means projection-based solutions for simulation, training, visualization and entertainment on flat, curved and domed screens as well as body-worn immersive systems such as augmented, virtual and mixed reality systems.  This includes commercial, military and professional applications.“

„I have been consistently told by previous attendees at Display Summit events that the value is the exposure to a broad range of relevant, but lateral technologies and solutions to the person’s primary area of focus,“ continued Chinnock.  „That, along with the networking and business development opportunities are why we are now in our 16th year of this event.“

SeeReal is planning to present about:  Potential and Applications of Real-Time Holography based on Sub-Hologram Encoding

Holography is the only way that enables 3D Displays with real full depth information without any accommodation-convergence conflict. As light is more efficiently managed than in conventional backlit displays, compact and energy efficient holographic systems are highly attractive for direct view displays of any size, Head Mounted Displays (HMD) and Heads Up Displays (HUD).

SeeReal’s proprietary encoding method elegantly solves the difficulties which have inhibited the implementation of real-time holographic displays. It is based on the superimposition of multiple small Sub-Holograms (SH). Number, size and position of the SH are optimized for the visibility from a small Viewing Window (VW) covering  the eye of the observer. This unique approach greatly reduces the necessary total pixel count and computation efforts and efficiently directs the emitted light towards the observer. Real-time tracking of the observer’s eye provides the actual VW position and allows observers to roam freely.

The talk will outline the basic concept and advantages of Sub-Hologram encoding and review the recent development of a “direct view” prototype based on a dedicated 14 inch phase modulating TFT Display. Furthermore, the benefits of using holography for any augmented and virtual reality applications will be discussed.