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SeeReal presented H3D solutions in Taiwan

On behalf of the Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), SeeReal Technologies was invited to speak at the Advanced Automotive Display and Applications Forum. The event took place in April 2023, and was held together with the Touch Taiwan Exposition at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan.

The Advanced Automotive Display and Applications Forum was curated by TDUA. TDUA was jointly founded by TPSA (Taiwan Panel and Solution Association), TDMDA (Taiwan Flat Panel Display Materials and Devices Association), TEEIA (Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association), and SID (Society for Information Display) Taipei Chapter. The members of this association include panel, material, device, and equipment manufacturers, etc. Their goal was to provide a fresh outlook for all attendants in relation to future advancements and challenges by viewing the overall market trend from multiple perspectives, from technology development to end-use applications.

SeeReal Technologies’ Founder and Chairman Mr Bo Kroll presented insights to unique features and technical fundamentals of Holographic 3D, combined with examples of practical implementation by SeeReal for automotive use in head-up projection displays (HUD) and dashboard LCD as well as in future desktop monitors for high-end and consumer use, such as in CAD engineering, medical imaging, video conferencing or gaming on any platform.