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What others wrote … SeeReal H3D Demo at SID Conference

At the time of SID Display Conference in 2016, SeeReal demonstrated key principles of their H3D solution to an invited group of people. This was done using a traveling version of an H3D implementation which doesn’t represent all commercial features yet (as e.g. display size and final component quality) but nicely demonstrates key features of Real H3D as large 20 inch HD quality holographic reconstruction with unlimited 3D depth and full color, computed in interactive real-time.

Chris Chinnock founder and president of Insight Media (see picture) and key contributor to now Meko’s Display Daily Newsletter visited SeeReal for a sneak preview of their H3D display technology.

Read on: SeeReal Shows Electronic Holographic Display

Photo from Display Daily: "SeeReal Shows Electronic Holographic Display" - showing SeeReal's eye-tracking software in action

Photo from Display Daily: „SeeReal Shows Electronic Holographic Display“ – showing SeeReal’s eye-tracking software in action