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Did you know … that SeeReal was already founded in 2002

At that time SeeReal focused on Auto-Stereoscopic 3D Displays (ASD), their development, manufacture and sale. The SeeReal range of products included ASD with eye tracking and without. The eye-tracked models had the advantage that viewer freedom of movement was very comfortable. They were called C-i displays (taking a hint from eye tracking). The eye boxes for the left and right eyes were repositioned in real-time, so that viewers didn’t have to stay in the proper 3D sweet spots. But of course tracked ASD models were fairly expensive at the time, so another non-tracked range was developed – the C-n displays. They were used in a wide range of applications. R&D departments in bio-medical or geo-spatial imaging liked them as much as research institutes and universities.

SeeReal ceased ASD development because long-term limitations of any Stereoscopic 3D (S3D) concept are just too fundamental. And SeeReal had developed and patented a first range of solutions for real Holographic 3D (H3D). So ASD production and sale were stopped around 2007. This was kind of sad, like sending a child away from home to go to the university, especially because SeeReal’s ASDs received constant praise for their image quality. But H3D development requires dedication and inherently has much more potential. So SeeReal put full focus on H3D around that time. H3D is „The Holy Grail“ of display technology, after all …