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Report on SeeReal @ Display Summit 2017

On October 4-5, 2017 SeeReal took part on the Display Summit held in Sterling, Virgina, USA.

The summit focused on emerging display technologies facilitating augmented and virtual reality experiences as well as wearable devices. A particular emphasis was on advanced 3D technologies like light field displays, volumetric displays, and eventually, holographic displays which overcome the restrictions of state-of-the-art stereoscopic displays. Selected volumetric data formats for some of these 3D display solutions may require the processing and transmission of huge data volumes in order to provide a high-resolution 3D scene with multiple simultaneous depth cues. Hence, methods to format, encode and deliver these intense data streams have been discussed.

SeeReal presented the design and performance of a 14” true holographic display demonstrator and discussed the potential for real-time encoding based on our unique Sub-Hologram technology as well as the advantages of compact volume gratings for the deflection and focusing of light.