Company Group

The SeeReal Group is constituted of a parent and IP development Company. SeeReal Technologies S.A. operating in Luxembourg (SeeReal Luxemburg) and its wholly-owned Research and Development subsidiary company SeeReal Technologies GmbH (SeeReal Dresden) operating in Dresden.

SeeReal Luxemburg markets, partners and licenses IP rights developed in its own name or licensed from third parties, including from SeeReal Dresden.

SeeReal Dresden performs R&D activities in respect of 3D display technologies and 3D imaging for SeeReal Luxemburg, which owns all new know-how and IP resulting from the R&D activities performed by SeeReal Dresden.

SeeReal Luxemburg also holds all rights related to the trademark registrations for the marks "SeeReal" and "SeeReal Technologies".

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History and Background

The History of this company reaches back to the mid 1990s when a group of scientists at the Technichal University of Dresden headed by Dr. Armin Schwerdtner decided to develop an industrial version of 3D displays based on LCD technology.

The SeeReal Technologies Group was founded in 2002, when Dr. Armin Schwerdtner and Mr. Bo Krøll, engineer and active investor in high technology projects decided to create a new internationally oriented company, developing the next generation technology in the field of 3D displays and visualization.

Mr. Lars Povelsen, a co-investor in the company, took up the position as the company's first Managing Director.

The new company was incorporated on May 3, 2002 in Dresden (HRB Registration Number 20721) under the name "LK Einundsiebzigste Vermögensverwaltung GmbH". It changed its name into "i2i GmbH" and subsequently into "SeeReal Technologies GmbH" the same year. The company took over the employees and the assets of Dresden 3D GmbH, a company previously run by Dr. Armin Schwerdtner.

In order to offer a better access to the international markets, SeeReal Technologies S.A., an IP development, marketing and licensing company was established in December 2005 in Luxembourg via a share swap, allowing SeeReal Technologies GmbH Dresden, as a fully owned subsidiary, to further focus on its core activity of Research and Development (R&D) related to 3D displays and visualization.