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VOLKSWAGEN: Holography makes 3D without glasses real

3D visualization without special glasses – the Dresden-based company SeeReal Technologies made this possible. But nobody could see it. There was a lack of investors for the required display technology. “It was a classic chicken-and-egg problem,” recalls Hagen Stolle, Managing Director of SeeReal Technologies, regarding the discussions with potential investors. “We can create a hologram with LCD.” – “Yeah, let’s see.” – “We can’t, because we don’t have the hardware yet.” And for that they needed the right partners.  

So Stolle and his colleagues bought monochrome displays, rebuilt them and used optical tricks to create real holograms. “This is already possible with standard LCD hardware,” says the physicist. “We can use it to produce real objects in the room.” The quality may not be the best yet, but the principle of innovation quickly becomes clear.