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REALHOLO project at MEMS World Summit, Europe

The work in REALHOLO has progressed well and our project partner Fraunhofer IPMS will present an overview of their excellent MEMS experience and SLM development within the REALHOLO project at “MEMS World Summit, Europe” conference on September 8 at Sheraton Munich Hotel.

REALHOLO is a development project researching advanced micro-mirror-based piston-type spatial light modulators (SLM) modulating the phase of visible light with optical features far superior to liquid crystal-based alternatives. The new SLM will facilitate 3D display applications and active illumination and sensing. REALHOLO will develop dedicated core hardware concepts and modules for integration. The goal is an application-specific demonstration of the MMA in automotive use in a real holographic 3D, mixed-reality head-up display (HUD) and to potentially enable future applications like real holographic head-mounted displays (HMD).

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