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Did you know … Laser diode technology will show great advances in the next few years

Manoj Kanskar and his colleagues from nLight Inc. recently published an inspiring article (Laser Focus World, January 2018 ), stating that the advancement in laser diodes shows a similar exponential growth over time as Integrated Circuits (IC) according to the famous Moore’s law. As the number of transistors in IC have increases by a factor of 10 every seven years, the brilliance of laser diodes increases by a factor of 10 every eight years. Hence, small sized laser diodes will get more and more powerful while the costs are constantly decreasing. The published data predicts that this trend will remain in the near future and there is no obvious theoretical reason why it shouldn’t. This is a great perspective for laser based full color displays like SeeReal’s technology. Their light engines will become not only more powerful and efficient, but also smaller and less expensive in the next years, giving way to compact holographic devices like handheld tablets or Head Mounted Displays (HMD).