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Did you know … How Gabor developed his Holography

There is an interesting article from Augusto Beléndez, University of Alicante (Spain) „Dennis Gabor, “Father of Holography” “ where he nicely summarizes Gabor’s work on holography.

He writes: … Gabor came up with the answer to this question [ improving the electron microscope] while he was waiting for a game of tennis on Easter Day 1947 and it was to consider a two-step process. In the first stage, the recording, the interference pattern between a coherent electron beam (object wave) and a “coherent background” (reference wave) is recorded on a photographic plate. Gabor called this interference pattern “hologram”, from the Greek word “holos”, the “whole”, because it contained the whole information (amplitude and phase) of the object wave. In the second stage, the reconstruction, the hologram is illuminated with visible light and the original wavefront is reconstructed, so that the aberrations of the electron optics can be corrected by optical methods. Therefore, the physical principles of holography are based on the wave nature of light and they are interference (recording step) and diffraction (reconstruction step). He spent the rest of the year working on his ‘new microscopic principle’. …