Holographic Technology

To achieve quality 3D real-time holography - realistic and comfortable to view - the images transmitted to the eye must be reduced to the essentials. Wasted information is also wasted image processing and this slows down replication and spoils image quality.

So the breakthrough technology developed by SeeReal banks on highly logical yet keep-it-simple solutions.

First of all, rather than boosting resolutions and intensifying display needs to unbearable levels, SeeReal has introduced Viewing Window technology. This actually limits display needs and corresponding diffraction angles.

The benefit: a much larger display pitch, so for a 40 inch display the pixel size is in the range of at 25 - 50 microns. This is well within today's state-of-the-art.

Second, SeeReal uses its proprietary Sub-hologram technique.

 Classical Holography
 Sub-Hologram and Viewing Window Technology

The benefit: smaller encoded hologram areas per scene point, with the shape and size of the sub-hologram closely linked to the 3D scene being viewed (sub-holograms are freely super-positioned, to accurately represent any 3D scene point distribution).

Overall, the combination of these two basic principles means that it only takes today's computing capabilities to create full parallax colour 3D HDTV images in real-time. For example, a 40'' holographic TV would consume only approx 3 TFLOPS.

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