Applications for Holography

In the past technologies have filtered down to hundreds of areas of life. In the same way 3D holography could spell sweeping changes for the future:

In the living room: bringing full color, holographic 3D images in HDTV comparable quality

With the www and computers now an every day part of so many aspects of home communications, SeeReal technology dovetails perfectly with today's technological developments: content can be read from computer hard drives, DVD or straight off the Internet.

In the office and development departments: providing realistic images to boost business performance

SeeReal holography is ideal for CAD/CAM applications, allowing designers and engineers to convert "true" 3D content into even "truer" moving 3D simulations. Not only can output now be assessed in real time, but companies can also give clients life-like product demos and show samples in all corners of the globe. Standard stereo content can be converted into true holographic 3D.

PCs and game parlours

Who knows what the future holds, but with interactive applications and real-time gaming already exploding worldwide, the potential avenues for SeeReal holography to open up in this technology field could be boundless. Adventure becomes real life. Action really makes hearts beat.