Company Information

SeeReal Technologies S.A., Luxembourg was incorporated as a Joint Stock Company on December 14, 2005 under the name "SeeReal Technologies S.A.", with the registration of the Trade and Company Register of Luxembourg RCS B 112913.

The principal legislation under which the Company operates is the Luxemburg Act of  August 10, 1915 on Commercial Companies.

The liability of the shareholders of the Company is limited.

The company's registered office is at 6B, Rue Gabriel Lippmann, L-5365 Munsbach, Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The share capital of SeeReal Luxemburg amounts to EUR 2.642.900, which is fully paid up.

See Real Technologies GmbH, Dresden is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SeeReal Luxemburg, which was incorporated under the national law of Germany on May 3, 2002 under the name "LK Einundsiebzigste Vermögensverwaltung GmbH".

In 2002 its name was changed to "i2i GmbH" and again to "SeeReal Technologies GmbH".

Its registered office is at Sudhausweg 5, 01099 Dresden, Germany and its registration number HRB 20721.

The share capital of SeeReal Dresden amounts to EUR 2.016.800, which is fully paid up.

Member of DFF