Executive Biographies

Bo Krøll - Founder, Chairman and CEO of SeeReal

As the chairman of SeeReal Technologies, Mr. Bo Krøll serves as an advisor for the development of new technologies and oversees the company's overall investment strategy.  With an extensive background in business management and professional engineering, Mr. Krøll brings a diverse range of expertise from various industries to SeeReal's executive team.  

Prior to founding SeeReal, Mr. Krøll served as the chief executive officer of IFX Group Plc, a technology company specialized in wireless services for financial markets.  During his tenure at IFX Group, Mr. Krøll played an instrumental role in the growth and expansion of the company, especially in the European market.  He also gained valuable experience overseeing the financing of large-scale development projects.  When IFX Group was acquired by Aether Systems and Reuters and formed Sila Communications Ltd. in year 2000, Mr. Krøll was named CEO and tasked with leading the newly formed company.

Over the past 5 years, Mr. Krøll has been active in high-tech development investments and has founded his own investment firm, i2i Holding S.A. in Luxemburg, which has invested more than EUR 20 million in European ultra high-tech companies.

Dr. Armin Schwerdtner - Co-founder of SeeReal

As a co-founder and co-shareholder of SeeReal, Dr. Armin Schwerdtner has been instrumental in the creation of SeeReal Technologies and the development of the company's innovative holographic and stereoscopic display solutions.  Dr. Schwerdtner is the mastermind behind the company's development of its new, disruptive holographic 3D technology, and has played a significant role in the development of the company's NextGen stereoscopic 3D technology.

Dr. Schwerdtner has published numerous papers, has filed numerous patent applications and has been invited as a presenter at numerous international conferences.  Dr. Schwerdtner has earned the Federal Cross of Merit for his role in the development of methods for three-dimensional visualization by means of re-configurable computer-generated holograms (CGHs) leading to the creation of the first auto-stereoscopic 3D display (ASD).

Dr. Armin Schwerdtner completed his studies in physics at Technische University Dresden (TUD).  

Mark Thorsen - Director

With over a decade of experience as a lawyer, combined with various management roles throughout his career, Mr. Thorsen brings a rich expertise in management, regulatory affairs and contract negotiations to SeeReal's executive team.

Prior to joining SeeReal, Mr. Thorsen spent more then 10 years as a business lawyer and as a partner in well-reputed large Danish business law firms.  Mr. Thorsen has also worked as the managing director of a Danish trading company, as senior negotiator for the Danish A.P. Moeller Maersk Company, and as a senior vice president within the large Danish financial group Alm. Brand A/S.

Mr. Thorsen holds a law degree from the University of Copenhagen, and a diploma from the College of the Europe, Belgium.  He has also earned an IEP from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France.

Hagen Stolle - CTO and General Manager Germany

As CTO of SeeReal Technologies, Mr. Hagen Stolle is part of the company's management group and is responsible for the company's overall technology development.  Before assuming the role of CTO and General Manager in 2005, Mr. Stolle successfully led SeeReal's operations activities and production technology initiatives.

Hagen Stolle has spent the last 13 year with manufacturing and development of technology-driven products in various industries. Before joining SeeReal in 2004, he was instrumental in the setup, start-up and operation of Ionity AG's lithium-ion batteries production. Prior to Ionity, Hagen Stolle served in different positions for DOCdata, a media replication and services provider. In Germany, the UK and the United States he was responsible for developing and implementing strategies that would ensure the company's competitiveness in a fast-changing industry, including implementation of  ISO 9000/14000 standards.  As engineering manager and later as the director of operations, Hagen Stolle handled the technical and operational management. 

Hagen Stolle holds a M.S. (Dipl.-Ing.) degree. He is a 1995 University Award winning graduate in industrial engineering with a specialization in computer science from Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany. He has also studied 2 semesters at the engineering dept. of Mississippi State University.