NextGen display technology

3D viewing has been grabbing headlines for a hundred years. All kinds of gadgets and gimmicks have promised to bring 3D images bursting through our screens. But none have come close to fulfilling that vision. Until now.

SeeReal's NextGen technology is breaking down the barriers of conventional 3D display technology, leading the 3D revolution for professional and specialized markets. With its release close at hand the gimmicky glasses and accessories of earlier 3D technologies will soon be a thing of the past.

NextGen 3D Display Technology NextGen Display Technology
NextGen Multi User PotentialMulti-User Potential

Making the most of existing technologies, NextGen's unifying technology for 2D and 3D stereo has a number of advantages:

  • Full resolution 2D and 3D stereo
  • Comfortable freedom of movement
  • A breakthrough in multi-user potential
  • Compatibility with existing components,
    others can be mass produced
  • Scalable design making it easily applicable
    to almost all display sizes

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